All The Reasons Why You Didn't Get The Part


You had an audition, and you know you nailed it…so why didn’t you get the part?

It happens to all of us actors; we leave an audition thinking we’ll absolutely be cast, only to face the reality that we didn’t book the role. Have you ever wondered why that is? Here’s a list I’ve made of 30 reasons why you didn’t get the part.

  1. You weren’t prepared enough

  2. You were too over the top

  3. You weren’t a local hire

  4. You’re unknown

  5. You reminded the casting director of someone they don’t like

  6. You seemed like you wouldn’t work well on set

  7. You hair is too long

  8. Your hair is too short

  9. Your hair is too curly

  10. Your hair is too straight

  11. You didn’t fit the role description

  12. You’re too short

  13. You’re too tall

  14. Your outfit was distracting

  15. They were looking for comedy, not drama

  16. They were looking for drama, not comedy

  17. You’re too fit

  18. You’re too attractive

  19. You didn’t have enough film credits

  20. They really loved the person before you

  21. Your eyes weren’t the color they wanted

  22. You spoke too fast

  23. You spoke too slow

  24. You’re too young

  25. You’re too old

  26. The casting director was distracted during your audition

  27. They cast the role before seeing your audition

  28. You’re not ethnically ambiguous

  29. You’re too ethnic

  30. There’s a better role for you

    Do You See Where This is Going?

The Takeaway

As actors we have to get used to rejection. The truth is that there are countless reasons why you may not be cast for a role, and it could be as simple as your hair is too short. The only thing you can control is your preparation and energy when you enter the audition room or send that audition video.

Thus, it’s important to bring your best work in to the audition, and then let it go! Don’t simmer on thoughts of what you could’ve done differently. If you were well prepared and and made it through the audition, then you’ve done your job.

Never leave an audition assuming you’re going to get the role. You’ll set yourself up for disappointment. However, never leave an audition assuming you won’t get the role, because you never know what may happen. Just focus on the next big thing and keep your head up! You got this.