Best Casting Sites For Actors


Do It Yourself Acting is all about taking control of your acting career. Are you wondering how to audition for movies and tv shows? Whether you’re represented by an agent or not, you’ll need to be on certain casting websites so that you can audition for movies, tv shows, industrials, independent projects, and more! If you’re not, you’re missing out on thousands of opportunities to submit for professional and independent projects. So here are my Top 5 Casting Websites for Actors to get you started on your way to finding more auditions.

Actors Access

Why Should You Be On Actors Access?

I consider Actors Access to be the #1 tool for actors to find and submit to auditions. Actors Access is used by professional production companies to cast an overwhelming number of blockbuster films and hit TV shows.

It’s also owned by Breakdown Services Inc, which is one of the biggest companies in breakdown services, so it’s a site you can trust. Breakdown Services are the notices Casting Directors use to distribute character descriptions and audition details to agents and actors.

One of the great things about Actors Access is that most of its features are FREE. You can also upload everything you’ll need to show a Casting Director (Headshot, Resume, Reels), view auditions around the U.S., and submit to open auditions.


Example of open auditions on actors access

What’s Included For Free With Actors Access?

Your free Actors Access account allows you to show off your resume, special skills, Size Card, Talent Representatives, upload and edit two headshots, view breakdowns released to Actors Access, and receive Role Match Alerts. - Actors Access FAQ

What Are The Additional Costs of Actors Access?

To fully build your Actor Brand on Actors Access you’ll have to invest in some of the additional features, but anything you pay is just a one time fee.



  • $2 Per Audition Submission

    • $68/year for AA Plus Account with unlimited submissions

  • $10 per additional photo/headshot

  • $22/min of video (Reels)

  • $11/min of audio (Voice Over/Music Reels)

  • $5/additional SlateShot℠

Should You Pay For an Actors Access Plus account?

Absolutely. It’s not uncommon for actors to submit to over 100 auditions in a year. If you submit to just 25 auditions a year the plan covers itself. It is absolutely the best bang for your buck.

For $68 a year, your Actors Access PLUS membership includes all the free features of an Actors Access account and allows you to: download sides for up to 24 projects per day; make unlimited Actors Access submissions; add media to your submissions; and unlimited Eco Cast transmissions!

What To know about actors access

The costs are high when adding photos and videos to your profile, but it’s worth it. Actors Access is one of the easiest casting sites to navigate. It’s also one of the most used. However, I’m going to be honest. While there are thousands of open auditions on Actors Access a year, there are number of professional film and tv productions that close their auditions to agent-only submissions on Actors Access. Thus, to be considered for most SAG speaking roles you’ll want to find representation. Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of open auditions even if you’re not represented.

casting networks inc.

Why Should you Be on casting networks?

Casting Networks is another great resource that helps actors sort through open calls for thousands of commercial, television, and theatrical projects. It’s great for finding work as a background extra as well. Its mostly split up in geographic regions, like Actors Access, but it also has a separate website for the west coast on and SFcasting (San Francisco). For most actors with representation already, it’s important to be on this site as Casting Networks is the designated casting website for FOX films and television shows.


Is Casting Networks free?

No, Casting Networks is not free. The most basic level of Casting Networks is $25 a year and includes:Your First photo FREE, unlimited updates to resume & digital size card

  • A Profile searchable by Casting Directors and Agents 

  • Personalized URL to online resume (

  • Access to new Casting Billboard® projects daily

  • Access to sides, directories, photographers, acting coaches, and more...

This option is great for actors on a budget who still want to audition for both independent projects and some SAG/professional productions.

What Are The Additional Costs of Casting networks?

There are 3 premium features to Casting Networks to help you stand out:

  • Photos Unlimited ($7/month)

    • Upload up tp 50 photos to showcase all of the different looks of your actor brand.

    • Otherwise it’s pay per upload

  • Casting Billboard® Unlimited ($10.95/month)

    • Access to the more than 5,000 Casting Billboard® projects posted each month

    • Unlimited Submissions

  • Media Hosting ($6/month)

    • Add video and audio to showcase your reels, clips or skills and attach them to your submissions

    • Unlimited clips and reels (up to four minutes each)

Should You Pay For Casting Networks Premium features

It’s entirely up to your budget and what you feel is important to show. However, if I were to choose one premium feature from Casting Networks, I would select Media Hosting. You already have one free image upload, so the next important step would be to add videos or clips. But $13 a month to add “unlimited” videos and photos to your actor profile isn’t a bad price. For all three its $23.95 a month with a one time $25 annual feee. It’s pricey for an actor on a budget, but you’ll save the costs of two months if you prepay for a full year.

What to Know About Casting Networks

Casting Networks is a must have for every actor. For actors looking to build their resume, there are great independent projects and student films consistently seeking actors through Casting Networks. There tend to be fewer open SAG films and tv shows on Casting Networks than Actors Access, but it is the exclusive casting partner for FOX productions, think STAR, EMPIRE, NEW GIRL, GOTHAM, and many more! It’s monthly pricing is a bit expensive, but can still manage your account well even without some of the premium features.


Cast it talent

Why Should you Be on casting networks?

Cast It Talent is a part of the Casting Networks grouping of casting services. While Cast It Talent is not the best standalone casting website, it will be needed if you’re invited to audition by a Casting Director on Cast It Networks. For example, I was cast for a 20th Century FOX film coming out mid-2019. I received the audition on Casting Networks, but had to submit the audition through Cast It Talent.

Is cast it talent free?

Yes and no. There is a Free Basic Membership Plan and PRO Membership plan. Here’s what’s included for Free.

PRO Membership Plan ($19/month OR $180/year)

  • Unlimited Headshot/Photo Uploads

  • Unlimited Resume Uploads

  • 10 GB storage for Reels and Clips

  • 500MB Video Submission Limit

  • Post Your Own Project on Cast It Talent

  • Unlimited Video Submissions

  • 1 FREE Submission per month for Casting Pro feedback on your videos.

Basic Membership Plan (FREE)

  • 10 Headshot Uploads

  • 10 Resume Uploads

  • No Storage For Reels/Clips

  • 100MB Video Submission Limit

  • Post Your Own Project on Cast It Talent

  • $5 Video Submission Fee

  • $10 Per Submission for Casting Pro feedback on your videos

Should You Pay For Cast it talent Pro membership

If you’re planning on frequently self-submitting to auditions on Casting Networks and Cast It Talent, then I would recommend the PRO Membership Plan. Submitting to four or more auditions a month on the Basic Membership Plan equates to paying for a monthly PRO Membership Plan without the extra benefits.

What to Know About Cast It Talent

Cast It Talent on its own does not have a large quantity of open auditions to select from. If you’re simply signing up to maintain a presence on Cast It Talent for your agent to submit you, then you may be fine using the Basic Membership Plan like I do. But, keep in mind you cannot upload a reel without the PRO plan. Additionally, I rarely find roles that match my profile. All of my auditions that I’ve uploaded through Cast It Talent have been directly from auditions on Casting Networks.

800 Casting

Why Should you Be on casting networks?

800 Casting is very much on par stylistically with Actors Access as a one-stop solution to finding, submitting, and uploading auditions. 800 Casting, however, differs from Actors Access as it caters more to the unrepresented actor. Most of the auditions on 800 Casting are for industrials, student films, modeling, commercials, and independent projects. For unrepresented actors or actors looking to build their resume and video reels, this is a gold mine.

Is 800 Casting free?

No, 800 Casting is not free. It has yearly memberships fees in three tiers. Basic is for actors, Standard is for models, and Premium is for both actors and models


Basic (Acting) $49.95/year

  • 10 Photos

  • 10 Videos

  • 10 Voiceovers

  • Unlimited Invites and Submissions

Standard (Modeling) $59.95/year

  • 10 Photos

  • 10 Videos

  • 10 Voiceovers

  • Unlimited Invites and Submissions

  • Unlimited Comp Cards

Premium (Acting & Modeling) $69.95

  • 10 Photos

  • 10 Videos

  • 10 Voiceovers

  • Unlimited Invites and Submissions

  • Unlimited Comp Cards

Should You Pay For 800 Casting membership?

Yes, absolutely! There are thousands of audition opportunities for actors at any level in their career. Additionally, if you’re an actor/model you have a 2-in-1 solution for find booking gigs. Additionally, you can really control our actor branding without paying extra fees to upload video reels or photos. For most actors the 10 photos, 10 videos, 10 voiceovers will be plenty of space to showcase your talents.

What to Know About 800 Casting

There are tons of open-calls for extra work if that’s what you’re looking for. But most importantly, there are a lot of independent projects that pay decently and will hopefully be great footage for your reel. Just make sure you analyze each posting carefully so that you are auditioning for quality projects.

Honorable Mention: Backstage


I’m including on the list as an honorable mention as I feel that Backstage is a better informational resource for actors than a casting website. There are a lot of blogs, Q&As, and community posts to get your questions answered. While you can submit for auditions, and see many open casting calls, most of the casting calls are for extras or can be found on various other websites and not just on Backstage. Thus, not many agents use Backstage at all, and has limited use for actors who are looking for co-starring and supporting roles in tv and film.

Is a Backstage account free?

No. There are 3 pricing points depending on how you’d like to pay.

  • $150/year

  • $100/6 months

  • $19.95/month

Should You pay for a membership

It’s my personal opinion that is not worth price if you are looking for a powerful audition source for speaking roles in film and television. If you’d like a great hub for acting tips and resources with a more generic casting section, then you may love Backstage. Either way you should definitely utilize their free resources.