What is the Best Way to Lose Fat?

Bruno Rose holding    Amino Energy

Bruno Rose holding Amino Energy

It’s the question that millions of people have been wanting to know the answer for: What is the Best Way To Lose Fat?

There are so many weight loss “solutions” that are marketed with millions and millions of dollars, yet not everyone using those solutions are satisfied. The truth is that there is no absolute one way to lose weight and get in shape.

Instead the best way to lose weight is finding the solution that works for you. And I plan on helping you find that solution. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to spend so much time focused on just your weight. You have a life to live.

Thus my fitness advise is geared to helping you get great fitness results without having to be obsessive and bogged down over your workout routine and nutrition plan.

With any fitness advice I give, it is based upon my personal research and experience.

The information in this guide has worked for me personally, but that doesn’t mean its the exact solution for you. Either way, the information I share will be helpful to you bettering your physical health and wellness. So if you’re looking for tips to help you get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE, READ ON! Take what you like, and leave what you don’t, the choice is yours! And if you’re ready for the next step, view my personalized trainings options that are tailored specifically for you.

1) Lower Your Sugar Intake

One of the easiest things for you to do if you want to lose weight is to lower your added sugar intake (source).

Added sugars are the sugar or syrups that are added when food and drinks are processed. Thus, sugar is one of the most researched culprits of weight gain. When too much sugar is ingested, the extra sugar is processed into fat, which becomes that stubborn belly fat that seemingly never goes away. Even very active people cannot attain the body they want without the proper nutrition plan.

Due to constantly being called chubby in high school, I stopped drinking sodas. Over time saw a decrease in weight, but it wasn’t as significant as I had hoped. Here’s what I drink now.

It wasn't until many years later that I realized that we need to do more than just be active and not drink sodas. You actually have to start monitoring your sugar intake. Now, this does not mean record every single gram of sugar you have in a day. If that helps you, please do it.

But like I said, I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple, but I understand that some people need strict guidelines. So if you were to document it…studies show that you should only have around 25-50 grams of added sugar. It is recommended that women stay at the lower range of added sugar whereas men can have a little more. My preferred method is to scan the nutritional information of what I’m eating, and keep a mental note.

It’s okay if some days I don’t hit the mark entirely. That way I’m not obsessing all day over my sugar caloric intake. Documenting every meal is not fun, and people are quick to lose track of it.

2)Cut Carbs

Like sugar, carbs are an enemy to weight loss. While an average recommended amount of carbs is 200-300 grams per day, to lose weight you’ll need to limit it to 50-150 grams per day.

Like with sugar, I recommend taking a mental note of how many carbs you are ingesting with each meal. The great thing about carbs is that they’re easy to remove from your diet. The bad thing is that carbs are most present in food items like candy and bread, which are so great to eat! But that’s why #3 is so much fun ;)

3) Eat What You Want in Moderation

If you’re not having fun with what you’re eating then you will relapse out of your nutrition plan. It’s the reason why fad diets don’t work as a sustainable nutrition plan to live by.
I want you to have a nutrition plan that works for LIFE!

So ditch the cheat days, and find a way to include the foods you like, and eat them in moderation. This does not mean you can have your cake every day if you just have one slice. I used to eat pop-tarts every day and then changed to an eat in moderation mindset and this was the difference…



December 2017



April 2018

I did begin intermittent fasting around the same time, but at first my fasting mostly just consisted of skipping breakfast and pushing my first meal back an hour. So, limiting the foods I loved, but not excluding them, was very important to the weight loss I experienced.

If you stop eating some of the foods you love you will just crave them all the time and completely relapse on your plan. So my method is to allow yourself to have some fun eating those great tasting goods, but doing so infrequently.

4) Don’t Use Fad Diets

The purpose of diets are to give you a quick solution for the now. It may work or it may not work, but we discussed, diets are not for the long term. So follow a sustainable nutrition plan instead.

give it time instead

Your nutrition plan will change based upon your lifestyle over the years, but it’s the only way to lose the weight and keep it off without needing to “diet” all the time.

A diet may help you lose it fast, but research has shown people are more likely to bounce back from a diet and gain the weight back within months to a year.

My tip is to focus on having a nutrition plan that works for life, and it will take time to find what exactly works for you. Everyone is different. Hiring a certified nutritionist is much more valuable than joining a fad diet, and they will walk you through the process of finding what nutritional plan is right for you.

5)Strength training

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Quick note: I usually take 17,000 steps a day, so I personally do not add much additional cardio into my routine.

Cardio is great, but too many think that cardio will help them lose weight the fastest. While it’s true that an hour of cardio typically will burn more calories than an hour of weightlifting. But did you know that resistant weight/strength training is the best kind of exercise to gain muscle mass, strength, and even lose fat faster than with just cardio. This is because muscle has a more efficient metabolic resting rate than other body tissue such as fat. Cardio only burns calories while you’re doing it. But the more muscle you build the more calories you’ll burn even while resting, so it’s like a compounding effect. Lift more weight, gain more muscle, and in turn…lose more fat over time!

Of course you’ll want to keep aerobic exercise in your workout routine, but if you already do it a lot and haven’t seen the results you want, add more strength training into your routine. Don’t let the “meatheads” scare you. Everyone starts somewhere.