Who is Bruno Rose? Introducing The Actor, Entrepreneur, and Fitness Enthusiast


Where it All Began

If you’ve made it to my blog, I would first like to say thank you for visiting. I hope you stay awhile and join me in this adventure called life, where we each help one another achieve our wildest dreams! My blog will be divided into 3 main categories: Acting, Entrepreneurship, and Fitness.

Maybe you’re an aspiring actor, looking to get an agent, book your first show, and see yourself on the big screen or tv.

Maybe your an entrepreneur with swirls of questions in your head just trying to get started.

Or Perhaps you’re someone looking to improve their health and fitness.


One life changing thing I’ve learned since I moved to Atlanta, Georgia is that we have been fed a life of smoke and mirrors. We’ve been made to believe we can’t possibly have the same success as the people we see on TV, social media, in the gym, etc. On the outside these people or businesses seem to be doing something that is out of reach of what we can achieve. But once you see behind the curtains these people are just like you and me. They share the same fears, they make the same mistakes, they have the same insecurities as you and I.


I’m here because I have also learned that I am extremely blessed to see my dreams slowly becoming reality. What is most important is your mental fortitude to never give up, and NEVER doubt what you can achieve. My hope in writing this blog is that I will be able to help you get to where it is you want to be.

But, to truly understand why I am writing this blog, you must understand where it all began. So I’ll share with you a relevant story beginning from my childhood and I will do my best to keep it fairly quick and light.

You’ll never be anything without me

I grew up in an household that by many standards would be considered very abusive. There were five of us kids, I was the youngest, and my parents. My father was very strict and had each of us on minute by minute schedules throughout the day. We signed in and out of the bathroom like it was a prison camp, and if you bled from the whoppings…well it wouldn’t be the first time. There was a time I didn’t remember much of my mom, but I remember all of the bad things. I also witnessed a parent hit another, and being in elementary school made it a bit of a traumatic experience. But when the sheriffs department finally kicked my father out of the house for good, there was one thing my father said that resonated with me…”you’ll never be anything without me.”

All 3 of my older brothers played sports. From what I hear my dad was a good coach, but very strict…not surprising. But by the time my dad was forced to leave the house, my older brothers were graduating and I had no one to teach me how to play sports.

In 6th grade, my middle school was holding auditions for Into the Woods. I was low-key interested and the foreign language teacher was pushing me to audition. It was around this same time that I realized I had a passion for singing. The problem was that I was always afraid to be caught singing as I thought it would make me seem less masculine. One time my mom caught me singing Amazing Grace in the bathroom, and it was one of the most embarrassing moments at the time. She thought I sounded great, but it was this nervousness that kept me from auditioning for the school musical that year. Maybe my father was right…I’d never become anything without him.


When 7th grade came around, I auditioned for the villain in a Sherlock Holmes play. I was cast, and had one line but the RUSH I had on that stage is the feeling that changed my life. In 8th grade I played football…probably because I was trying to suppress who I truly was, but I do love football (#keepounding). As soon as that season was over I auditioned for Aladdin Jr. the musical. I just KNEW I was not good enough to be Aladdin, so I auditioned for the Genie. My audition sucked compared to the other two who auditioned for the role. But then, that same foreign language teacher from 6th grade asked if I’d like to audition for Aladdin. They hadn’t been pleased with the Aladdins so far…maybe because they were all white and not typical singers. It was the role I wanted so bad but was too scared to audition for because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough. But I got on that stage and sang and was cast as Aladdin. It was that moment, I knew I would become something and I have not looked back.


Skipping over many years, I did almost every play in high school, 7 shows in college where I was a double major in Film Studies and theatre, with a minor in French and graduated with University Honors. I was a Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader, Desk Receptionist, intern for the Fincannons Casting and Associates, Wilmington Film Commission, a barista, and a project manager at UNCW after I graduated. And what I realized was that in the middle of all this was I like helping other people. I wouldn't be where I am without the help of many people before me.

Continuing on, when I finally moved to Atlanta in 2017, I immediately booked my first six SAG shows. It was WILD, and obviously I did not continue the streak for long, but it was a great feeling at the time. I’ve had speaking roles both big and small on TV shows (CBS, ABC, NBC, HULU, NETFLIX, AMC) and movies that will be coming out in 2019. In 2018 I co-founded Pack Leaders ATL, a dog walking and pet sitting company in Midtown, Atlanta. And in our first year we are looking to have revenue in the six figures. In addition to that I have my official real estate license, but I took a break from pursuing that to manage our dog walking and pet sitting company. And if you have found me from social media, you know I love fitness (and being shirtless…hehehe).

Now that you have learned more about my history. I want you to know that my main focus for this blog is sharing ALL of the amazing information I have learned over the years. If you are wanting to improve your personal brand, this is for you. Do you feel there’s a business idea that you could rock? I want to help you out. Are you an aspiring actor, wanting to learn how to audition, how to get an agent, and most importantly, how to get cast? Stick around. And as far as fitness…I want to share as many tips as possible so that you can achieve your fitness goals!

so let’s get started!

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